Golf Club Margara

Golf Club Margara

About the Club: Golf Club Margara

After a long period during which the Golf Margara cuts out an important scene in the Italian golf panorama, in the 90s work began on the construction of another 9 holes.
But the Glauco Glauco Lolli-Ghetti project is even broader: it dreams of making the Margara Golf Club one of the few 36-hole Italian clubs, and in the 2000s this project also materializes: with the construction of another 9 holes, organized in in order to obtain a completely different path from the historical one, the Yellow Path is born.
Today the Golf Club Margara of Fubine is a nationally and internationally recognized reality, welcoming every year tourists and professional golfers coming from almost the whole world.

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Golf Club Margara

Regione Margara | 15043 Fubine AL

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