Golf Club Aosta-Arsanieres

Golf Club Aosta-Arsanieres

Golf Club Golf Club Aosta-Arsanieres

Located at an altitude of m. 1,050sqm, in the beautiful natural setting of the San Bernardo Valley, surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe.

The Aosta Arsanières Golf Club was born in 1991 with the idea of exploiting a microclimate that allows almost nine months a year to play; Stiff winters and fresh summers create the ideal place for all enthusiastic players who want to play and spend a few hours in a charming and familiar environment.

The nine holes of the campus, overlooking a balcony encircled by enchanting mountain forests, dominate the city and the valley.


Golf Club Aosta-Arsanieres

Loc. Arsanières | 11010 Gignod AO

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