Golf Club Villa Carolina

Golf Club Villa Carolina

Golf Club Golf Club Villa Carolina

The Marchesa Course was designed by Cornish & Silva Inc. Golfcourse Architects USA and is located in an area of ??over 110 hectares in the scenic setting of verdant forests and the lively stream of the Albedosa torrent. It is composed of 18 buckets, for a total of 6,365 meters, Par 72. The route is in a flat area with large spaces. The holes 10, 11, 12 form the Amen Corner of the Path, testing the player's concentration and leaving little room for error.

The Paradiso Path is designed by Architect Graham Cooke. The first 9 holes were inaugurated in 2006, while the second 9-hole works were completed in 2014, thus encompassing Villa Carolina among the few Circuses in Italy with two 18-hole championship routes for a total of 36 holes.
The Paradiso Path is very technical and requires great precision. The field stands out from the Marquis Route to be more moved and with more insidious greens.

The Paradiso Path is home to the 40th PGAI CHAMPIONSHIP from 20 to 23 September 2016.


Golf Club Villa Carolina

Localita Villa Carolina, 32 | 15060 Capriata d'Orba AL

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