Is Arenas Golf & Country Club

Is Arenas Golf & Country Club

Golf Club Is Arenas Golf & Country Club


Is Arenas is located on the West coast of Sardinia.  The 18 hole, Par 72 golf course stretches 6300 meters.  
Is Arenas is a beautiful golf course draped across a sumptuous landscape, surrounded by tranquility and untouched nature.  
Is Arenas exists in complete respect and harmony with the largest forest in Sardinia.  Our mission is to honor and enhance one of the most beautiful landscapes Sardinia has to offer.

The 800 hectare protected Pine forest was planted in the 1950’s to protect the natural sand dunes from trade winds, which frequent the area and contribute to the golfing challenge and experience.


Is Arenas Golf & Country Club

Localita Pineta Is Arenas | 09070 Narbolia (OR)

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